Discover Crewpass - your way to work flexibly and legally compliant in the event industry. With Crewpass you are permanently employed and have social and health insurance. Become part of FeedBack!


Why Crewpass?

Crewpass gives us all the opportunity to continue to flexibly cover staffing needs on productions according to know-how and personal preferences. You can do the job you are passionate about and save any time spent on administration, bureaucracy, secondments/A1 forms etc.


How does the cooperation work?

Through this model, you are employed by us - i.e. you are also covered by health and social insurance as part of the employment relationship. The employment can take place in three sizes: Crewpass350 with 350 hours, Crewpass580 or Crewpass1150 with 1150 hours per year, which roughly corresponds to employments with 15, 25 and 50%. Once we have a contract, we ask you to work on our projects. If it suits you, we book you on the project - if it doesn‘t, we will of course continue to ask you for other projects.


What is the payment like?

We distinguish between 3 areas of responsibility: 1. technicians, 2. system technicians & operators and 3. project managers & technical directors. The salary is graded accordingly. The more hours you want to work for us, the higher your hourly wage. For night work (11pm to 06am) we pay a supplement of 25%.


Why is the hourly wage different for the same job in the respective Crewpass models?

The difference here is the administrative costs per person. For example, a payroll always costs the same, regardless of the number of hours. Therefore, if more hours are worked, we can also pay more per hour.


When is payment made?

Your salary is paid at the end of the month, regardless of whether you have worked for us in the respective month. This means that you receive a constant monthly salary for the entire duration of your contract.


Are you allowed to work for other companies during the contract period?

Yes -of course.


What about personal protective equipment?

We provide PPE consisting of work shoes, gloves and a helmet. A budget of €150.00 net per person per year is available for this. If you have a preference for example for special shoes that are very expensive, you will have to pay the difference yourself.


Do you get paid holidays?

Yes, in relation to the agreed hours. In the smallest model this means around 3.2 days of leave and in the largest around 10.6 days of leave per year.


What if you have agreed to a production but then fall ill?

In that case, the hours scheduled for production will still be credited to your time account. However, a certified sick note is a prerequisite.

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